Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Goals for 2015

There are many running goals I would like to accomplish this year and that includes updating this post more often.

My 5k goal is to be able to run it under 18:00 minutes. I was very happy with hitting my 5k goal last year of under 18:30, but seeing how close I got to a sub 18, I know I can accomplish it this year.

Another goal for the year is a sub 3:15 marathon. I would like to qualify for Boston one year, but I’m in no kind of a hurry.

My final objective for 2015 is to do the JFK 50 Miler. I don’t like to say I’ve done ultras because I feel like a 50k is not much different from a marathon; so being able to finally do a 50 miler, I would be happy to call myself an “ultra runner”. 

This year I will try to do 2 50k’s and a few marathons as my training runs for the 50 miler. In the past, I’ve avoided doing a lot of long runs and it has hurt me once race day came around. This year, I will slowly increase my milage until being able to hit comfortable 20-30 mile weekends.

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