Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Speed Work

Speed work in the winter time is a little tricky. When running outside in subfreezing temperatures you never want to push too hard.

The key in winter speed work is to warm up appropriately. If you are able to bike inside, do it for about 15-30 minutes if not then run at a slower pace.

My speed workout of choice to do once a week is:

2 mile warmup

8 repetitions of 20 seconds each sprint (sub 5:30 pace)
10 second rest in-between reps

Cooldown for 1.5-2 miles

-Keep Running-

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Goals for 2015

There are many running goals I would like to accomplish this year and that includes updating this post more often.

My 5k goal is to be able to run it under 18:00 minutes. I was very happy with hitting my 5k goal last year of under 18:30, but seeing how close I got to a sub 18, I know I can accomplish it this year.

Another goal for the year is a sub 3:15 marathon. I would like to qualify for Boston one year, but I’m in no kind of a hurry.

My final objective for 2015 is to do the JFK 50 Miler. I don’t like to say I’ve done ultras because I feel like a 50k is not much different from a marathon; so being able to finally do a 50 miler, I would be happy to call myself an “ultra runner”. 

This year I will try to do 2 50k’s and a few marathons as my training runs for the 50 miler. In the past, I’ve avoided doing a lot of long runs and it has hurt me once race day came around. This year, I will slowly increase my milage until being able to hit comfortable 20-30 mile weekends.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2014 Recap

This past year was amazing! 

I didn’t update the website at all and I felt pretty bad about having a blog and not writing much. Hopefully with this post, things will change in 2015 regarding updates.

In 2014, I ran a good amount of 5-10k’s, 3 ten milers, 2 half-marathons, 1 marathon, and 1 50k. In those races, I came in first place overall 5 times and a few age group wins. It felt so nice to finally start winning more races, including the Molly’s Irish Pub 5k, which is one of my favorite races to do. 

It was a very fast year for me. I dropped times on almost all the distances I’ve raced. My biggest accomplishments were shaving off almost 2 hours from my previous 50 km time and 33 seconds off my 5 km time. My PR’s were:

5 km 18:09
4 miles 25:29
8 km 31:43
10 km 39:01
10 miles 1:04:41
Half-Marathon 1:26:47
Marathon 3:25:01
50 km 5:51:10