Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2 5k's and 1 marathon

The past few weeks I won another 5k. I'm not a person that cares about winning on the overall results because there is always some of my running friends there that can beat me by over a minute and it's compleatly fine beucase my diet and training is no where as good as theirs. But there was a relatibly flat 5k that I found online and to my luck there was no fast runners, second place was over 30 seconds behind me. I finished the race at 18:58 which is my best time of the year and I felt great, could've pushed it a little more but the week after I had the Marine Corps Marathon.

A week went by and I was ready to run with over 25,000 people. My goal besides finishing was to get under 3:45, I would've liked it to be on the 3:20's but wasn't pushing for that. The race as an experience was awesome, people were so supportive and the environment was great. The weather was amazing, probably one of the best running days I have ever been part of. I finished the race at 3 hours and 36 minutes which is over 39 minutes faster than my first marathon. I was very content with that and I know with a little bit more training I can get a sub 3:30 marathon. I want to thank my place of employment, Navy Federal, for helping with package pickup and before, during, and after the race.

This past weekend I did a cross country 5k with my girlfriend, it was very windy and cold but a great little race. The course came to be about .12 longer than a 5k and I finished second overall at 21 minutes flat and my girlfriend, Elise, came in third place overall for the ladies. My time was not the best, but nothing to be ashamed of. The course is hard but a great training run.

Coming up this weekend is another 5k and on November 16 the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon.

-Keep Running_