Friday, June 28, 2013

Where to begin...

For the pass year I have abandoned updating my blog. Just updating my race schedule and moving on, but tonight I finally found time to update it fully.

I've done a few races and accomplished a lot of my running goals. In the year 2012 I finish my first marathon and decided that it was time to do an ultra marathon. Most people do a few marathons before running anything above 26.2 miles but I felt that if I can do a marathon in 4 hours then I can run a 50k in under 9 hours. And in December I signed up for The North Face Challenge 50k.

I had 6 months to train and tried to follow an ultra training plan, but I hate when others or an app tells me what to do with my running. We are the only ones that truly know our body, so I ditched the plan and started running whatever I felt like for the week. I don't recommend this because my longest run was a 21 miler follow by a 4 miler the day after so that meant that I would run +31 miles without really knowing how my body would react to high mileage.

Race day came and I average around 28 miles per week, very low, but I felt ready. My knees and hip have been behaving really well and physically and mentally I was at the best shape I have ever been. The race was very hot, around 91 degrees but it was mostly in the shades which helped a lot. The volunteers were great pouring water in our heads and taking care of all our needs. I had my beautiful girlfriend as my aid station crew, she waited at mile 12 and 19 for me and it really motivated me to finish the race. I didn't hit the wall till mile 26 which I was very proud. The wall was nothing to what I hit on mile 20 in the marathon, I felt like I couldn't move at all and my whole body just weakened. I couldn't get any food down. There was supposed to be an aid station at mile 26 but it was marked wrongly and it was at mile 27. 1 mile at that point with no water felt like hell but I made it and it gave me the energy needed to finish. I found out chewing ice and eating pretzels at the same time really help me get some salt in my body. I finish the race at 7 hours and 12 minutes.

The race was truly the most amazing experience in my life, I meet some really awesome people and finish the biggest running accomplishment so far in my career. By the end of it my body couldn't get any food down and I felt like puking the ride home; only my muscles felt tired but not injured.

Now it's time for a new challenge which I haven't decided what it will be.