Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Race/Year Update

I haven’t written in a while so it was time to update the blog. I’ve only done 3 races so far, two 5k’s and a 10k. All three were not close to the time compared to last year but I’m not upset because I haven’t been training for speed at all this year. I’ve been working on doing long runs and I’m going to be adding tempo runs in the next few weeks. I would like in the next 3 months to do either a marathon or a 50k (roughly 31 miles) but it’s really hard to find either one around this area when I’m free. Once I find one I will update with more info.

I just came out of being sick with the flue, so I missed two 5k’s and a half marathon that I already had pay for, but oh well things happen. My training slowed down a lot but I’m starting to feel much better and slowly biking into shape.

Check  out my race calendar for any recent race results.

-Keep Running-

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