Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A little Update

I have been injured and with not a lot of internet service. I was able to only do the Three Bridges Half Marathon and wasn't able to do the Blue and Gray Half Marathon that I had already signed up for. My left knee has been bothering and I decided to cancel all my running and races until March. I'm still doing cross training and weights but will give my knees a long break to stop any future injuries.

This year will be all about doing the JFK 50 mile. My training and races will all be to get my body ready for that race. I will try to keep the blog updated a lot more but work, school, and training have taken most of my time and I rather sleep a little more to be ready than update this blog.

I found the time to read the book Born To Run by Christopher McDougall and it has open my mind that I am not alone. The book not only talks about the Tarahumara tribe but also it describes the history of running and ultra running. I do not need to write any summary about the book because if you love running then there is no way you should overlook reading it.

Visit the calendar section for upcoming races and race reports.

PS I'm going to start doing "birthday runs", turning 23 on March 11 so that means 23 miles in one day.

-Keep Running-

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