Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Slow Turkey Trot

On Thanksgiving day I went back to the county I graduated high school to do a very small 5k. 112 runners got together for the small town race in a very windy day. I wasn't expecting to do that well because I'm in the middle of trying to break 1:30 on the half marathon this weekend or next. But I didn't expect my awful finish time of 22:04, it got me fourth place overall and first on my age group but it has been the worst time I've ever had on a race in that distance.

Not going to worry about a small 5k because that's not what I'm training for. By the end of the month I'll have an update for both half marathons that I'm schedule to do. My left knee has been hurting a little, feels the same pain as my stress fracture on my right knee, so hopefully nothing bad. I'm going to give my self a big break off running for January 2012.

Race Result

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