Friday, April 8, 2011

Trail Running in the Rain

            Today I got off work at 1 pm and decided to wait for the rain to slow down a little bit and go on a 4 mile trail run in the National Park Skyline Drive Front Royal, Virginia. My knee is still not 100% or even 50% but I was bored of cross-training that I really needed to get out, not a smart idea in the long run but it was worth it.
            If you have never done a trail run then you need to go out and do one, trust me you will get addicted. Trail running incorporates running with hiking, you have to walk some parts and fly downhill. It is a dangerous sport and you should always be careful and try to do in on the weekends in popular trails or with a partner.
            When walking uphill use your arms on the ground to push up and try not to consume liquids or food because of the position your body is, it can make a ball in your stomach and you will have to take a rest or walk the rest of the way. Running downhill is the most dangerous part because twisting an ankle is extremely easy. Let your arms move with your body to keep stability and land firmly with your legs while looking ahead for the next move.
            Why should road runners do trail runs? You love running on the roads but it can also get boring and your body can get use to the same exercise. Trail running gives you muscles not only in your legs, abs, and arms but it helps exercise your brain. Making quick adjustments to the terrain will never make get you bored.
 (photo of todays adventure)

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