Monday, April 18, 2011

1 Weekend, 2 Races

            Saturday I did the Fodderstack 10k in the rain. The temperature was perfect but it rained so much that it really slowed down the runners. I came in fifth place overall and first in my age group.
            The run was pretty awesome in the rain, it would have been great if my shoes weren’t soaking wet or my top being pulled down from the weight of the water but it was fun. My knee felt okay and I didn’t have that much pain.
            After the award ceremony, I headed home to wake up the next morning again at 6 am for a 5k.

            On Sunday I went to Culpeper for a 5k with a little over 200 runners. My knee started to hurt before the race and once I started to run for the first 1.5 miles it was killing me until I was able to stop thinking about it. I came in sixth place overall and first in my age group but with a time of 20:32. The course was a little hilly and I was still tired from my 10k, but I am very upset with my time and my knee.
            I’m going to be heading into the doctor in the next week or so to check out exactly what is wrong with it.

-Keep Running-

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