Monday, April 18, 2011

1 Weekend, 2 Races

            Saturday I did the Fodderstack 10k in the rain. The temperature was perfect but it rained so much that it really slowed down the runners. I came in fifth place overall and first in my age group.
            The run was pretty awesome in the rain, it would have been great if my shoes weren’t soaking wet or my top being pulled down from the weight of the water but it was fun. My knee felt okay and I didn’t have that much pain.
            After the award ceremony, I headed home to wake up the next morning again at 6 am for a 5k.

            On Sunday I went to Culpeper for a 5k with a little over 200 runners. My knee started to hurt before the race and once I started to run for the first 1.5 miles it was killing me until I was able to stop thinking about it. I came in sixth place overall and first in my age group but with a time of 20:32. The course was a little hilly and I was still tired from my 10k, but I am very upset with my time and my knee.
            I’m going to be heading into the doctor in the next week or so to check out exactly what is wrong with it.

-Keep Running-

Thursday, April 14, 2011

10k and 5k Weekend

            Saturday I’m running the Fodderstack 10k race that I’ve wanted to do for the last 5 years but never make time for it. Sunday I’ll be doing a small 5k for autism in Culpeper.
            I pulled a muscle in my back Wednesday in the gym, so I have been icing that and doing heat therapy in my right knee.

            I’ll update Monday how my weekend went.

-Keep Running-

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Burke Rockstar 8k

            Woke up Sunday morning at 5:15 am and started my race day routine. Took a shower and made cinnamon oatmeal with hot honey tea and a Gatorade. By 6 am I jumped on the car and headed to Burke, VA. The one hour drive felt pretty long because it was mostly on route 66, which can be very boring alone at that time.
            When I arrived at 7 am, I picked up my package and went back to my car to relax until 7:30. Then I did my stretches and warmed up to race pace. 20 minutes later I met up with my friend Jaclyn to run the race with. 5 minutes until 8 am the runners were called to the starting line and I went to my car to listen to the same song I have for the past few years, “The Downfall of us All” by A Day to Remember. Then went to the front of the starting line and the gun was shot.
            Started the race a little fast and I was leading it for the first quarter of a mile when two runners just blew by me and didn’t see them again until the loop back. From mile 1 to 5 I ran the race by myself. The person in front of me was a minute ahead and the one behind was around 2 minutes but catching up. The race was a 2.5 mile up and down hill and then back the same way, however it felt like everything was uphill. By mile 4 my mile split was down to 7 minutes and I couldn’t pick it up losing the person in front of me and the guy behind me finishing just 20 seconds away.
            I finished the 8k with a time of 32:19 which is a new personal record and beating my last 8k time in January of this year by over 2 minutes. Besides coming in 2nd place on my age group, I was 9th overall out of over 300 runners. The race was for a great cause and got an awesome Nike technical t-shirt. Can’t wait for next year!

-Keep Running-

Friday, April 8, 2011

Trail Running in the Rain

            Today I got off work at 1 pm and decided to wait for the rain to slow down a little bit and go on a 4 mile trail run in the National Park Skyline Drive Front Royal, Virginia. My knee is still not 100% or even 50% but I was bored of cross-training that I really needed to get out, not a smart idea in the long run but it was worth it.
            If you have never done a trail run then you need to go out and do one, trust me you will get addicted. Trail running incorporates running with hiking, you have to walk some parts and fly downhill. It is a dangerous sport and you should always be careful and try to do in on the weekends in popular trails or with a partner.
            When walking uphill use your arms on the ground to push up and try not to consume liquids or food because of the position your body is, it can make a ball in your stomach and you will have to take a rest or walk the rest of the way. Running downhill is the most dangerous part because twisting an ankle is extremely easy. Let your arms move with your body to keep stability and land firmly with your legs while looking ahead for the next move.
            Why should road runners do trail runs? You love running on the roads but it can also get boring and your body can get use to the same exercise. Trail running gives you muscles not only in your legs, abs, and arms but it helps exercise your brain. Making quick adjustments to the terrain will never make get you bored.
 (photo of todays adventure)

  This is a video on trail running Team Salomon member Kilian Jornet, one of the best ultra-trail runners in the world. For more info on Salomon trail running products and their athletes, check out

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Runners Knee

  2 weeks before my half marathon I was doing a 17 mile run and at the end of it I had a pain on my right knee. The following day it got worst so I decided to look online for some answers and came up with runners knee. Runners World descrives the injury as "it occurs when a mistracking kneecap (patella) irritates the femoral groove in which it rests on the thighbone". This happen on a Tuesday and I decided to stop doing any exercise until a 5k race on Sunday, I could feel pain every time I landed my foot heal-to-toe and had to keep reminding myself to land mid-sole, which alleviated the pain. Three days before my half marathon I went to a physical therapist that gave me exercises to do and taped it with KT Tape. The tape helped a lot but the pain is still there which has changed my training dramatically, now I have gone from +30 miles per week to less than 5 but more strength and cross training.
  My plans to avoid this in the future are to become stronger in the legs, better hip stretches, and because I have scoliosis, which make my feet land on their heel, I have to remind myself to land mid-sole.

-Keep Running-

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield National Half Marathon

On March 26, 2011 I did the CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield National Half Marathon. My first race over 5 miles and I'm so glad I had the chance of running it. Besides running with over 16,000 people at 7 am with below 30 degrees weather, I ran thru places in Washington DC that I haven't seen before. The race started at the RFK Stadium and passed Union Station, Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan and other areas of DC which are very flat, making it a fast and enjoyable race.
  When the race started I was concentrated in finding open spaces and picking up my pace which was a little frustrating with people blocking the way. By mile 3 and at a 6:52 pace I heard one older women tell another "look ahead not down, you see all those heads out there, that's beautiful and we are part of it don't forget this moment" when I heard that it hit me that I'm nowhere near or it wasnt my goal to come run this to win it but to prove myself that i could finish it under 2 hours. I'm glad that I ran it without my IPod and was able to hear that. Around mile 5 I stopped to use the bathroom and took my time. Near mile 6 I spotted a sign by some of the amazing DC people chearing on that said "Chuck Norris never ran a marathon" it put a smile in my face and I picked up my pace finishing in 1:34 and coming in 801st place out of 9221.
  The people cheering on the runners were amazing, non-stop from the start to finish and the views of the city were breathtaking and cannot wait for it again in 2012.

-Keep Running-